Styles Of Antique Table Lamps

Styles Of Antique Table LampsTable lamps are common both at home and in business. While there are many types of table lamps in the market, antique lamps are the most cherished. If you are planning of buying the antique lamps, here are some of the best styles that you should go for:

Stained Glass

It was originally a product of the Art Noveau movement of the early 20th century. It comes with a half-shell of multicolored glass panes which create a light spectrum around the room. They come in different sizes and all you need to do is to buy the one that is of the right size of your room.

The Tiffany lamp is the most famous antique table lamp. It’s best known for its beautiful and intricate designs.

Fringed Victorian

The lamp is characterized by silk or satin lampshades that come with a small fringe that dangles at the bottom. The fringe is made from braided fabric or glass beads. While the lampshade is made from silk or satin, the rest of the shade is

Finishing a Basement Ceiling Tips and Tricks

Finishing a Basement Ceiling Tips and TricksBasement ceilings can be challenging from a design standpoint. They are usually low, and they are usually filled with all of the pipes, wires and ductwork that support life in the rest of the house. So when you are remodeling your basement, it can certainly be a challenge as you decide what to do with the mess on the ceiling. Fortunately there are options available that help to make you ceiling space more attractive while still letting you have access to mechanical fixtures.

Suspended Ceilings
One ceiling option for your basement is a suspended ceiling, which is also frequently called a dropped ceiling. The installation is simple, and it is not at all labor intensive. You do not need to be able to lift huge sheets of heavy drywall, and constructing the suspended ceiling is pretty straightforward. One of the huge advantages of the dropped ceiling is that you can easily remove ceiling tiles when you need to repair plumbing or electrical problems. It also creates an attractive, finished ceiling for your basement space. All

Tips for Working on Plaster Walls

Tips for Working on Plaster WallsIf you live in an older house, say 50 or 60 years or older, there is a good likelihood that you have plaster on your walls. Plaster walls were very common, especially in the late 18th century and 19th century. Plaster was fairly readily available, was workable, and was capable of producing very smooth walls and ornate embellishments. It was and is however, very difficult to worth with. It took a fine plasterer many years to learn his trade under the careful instruction of a master plasterer.

Plaster is still widely available, though rarely used. Just check the painting aisles of your local home improvement center and you’ll see it mixed in with spackle and patching compound. The reason for its demise was the invention of joint compound. Unlike plaster, joint compound (or drywall compound) is easy to work with. It is slow to set up and harden, is very easy to sand, mixes easily, can be purchased already-mixed, and is easy to clean up. Joint compound works by simply letting the water evaporate out, leaving the hard, white stuff on the

Maybe It’s Time To Build That Shed

Cost-Effective Solutions

There are plenty of ways you could go about building a shed. There are some ways which are going to be recommendable to others. Ideally, you want to have the most utility for the least practical expense. But you want your shed to stand the test of time. What good is a storage station, workstation, bunker, or off-grid living facility if it blows over in the breeze?

That’s where technology comes into play. In antarctica, the majority of structures are prefabricated metal buildings that have been insulated against the cold. They’re the same kind of structures you’re apt to find in an industrial district. The reason these structures are used is because they have been built specifically for extreme conditions in many cases.

Prefabricated metal buildings can often withstand winds in excess of 180 miles an hour. That’s a hurricane force gale. It makes sense that such buildings would be used in extreme regions of the world like Antarctica, where winds of that speed are the rule rather

Home Projects We Got Started in the Spring

We started in the spring planting our usual garden and annual flowers. I spruced up all the mulch with a metal rake so we only needed a few bags of fresh mulch. We decided to get new outdoor furniture this year. The resin wicker was looking a little long in the tooth if you know what I mean. Then we decided to cut down on the fall chores by going to an aluminium gutter mesh website to get new gutter guards. I really liked the material a whole lot better than the stuff we had up there.

The old stuff was made of shiny aluminium that turned an ugly ashen gray. (more…)

Pricing on Perth Area Gutter Replacement

I am going to need to get my gutters replaced in the near future, and I do not know how much money it is going to cost me to do that, but I am kind of worried about the cost, to be sure. I think that it might be a bit more than I want to spend, so I am going to try to look around at the prices offered by different contractors in the area. I need quotes for gutter replacement in Perth and I am going to get this project done soon, even if I don’t really think that I have enough money to pay for it right now.

I am thinking about going to a bank and seeing if I might be able to take out a home improvement loan in order to from the cost for the replacement of the gutters. That would be a lot better than trying to figure out how I am going to allocate that much money from what I have available right now. (more…)

Have the Best Solution for the Decorating Ideas

Do you have any favorite spot to spend when you are in your leisure time? Where is your best place to spend when you feel so bored or stuck during your days? We do believe that everyone has their own favorite place to spend during the boring or stuck time. Let we guess that the place is a house, your own living space. Do you feel so happy and comfortable when you are in your leisure time in your beloved home? Most people will completely say that they will feel so happy and comfortable when they are in their own home.

Due to the urgency of a house, commonly we will try to make the best decoration and the best look for the home itself. Do you have any idea how to make the best look for your beloved home? Of course, there will be many kinds of ways and look that you can try to put and place for making the perfect look of the

Cheap Tips For Living Room Furniture Placement

Cheap Tip 1:

Before determining living room furniture placement, some measurements are in order. Measure the length and width of the room, as well as the height of the windowsills. Using the measurements, make a sketch of the room, drawing in where any windows or doorways are located and indicating where electrical outlets, cable wires and light switches are. Measure all the furniture and accent pieces that will be going into the room and use your sketch to determine where they would fit best.

Cheap Tip 2:

Placement is important when determining a room’s focal point. You can choose a furniture piece, such as a bookcase, sofa or entertainment center; a room fixture, such as a grandfather clock or a picture window; or an accent, such as a lamp or a decorative piece.

When it comes to living room furniture placement, balance is everything. To achieve this best, make sure that you put the bigger furniture pieces throughout the room instead of in one area. The room will not look heavy sided or cluttered. Use accessories to balance the empty spaces once you have placed your furniture, to enhance your focal point.


Tips to Maintaining Your Outdoor Wooden Furniture

When we think of wood, we think of furniture and vice versa. Outdoor Wooden Furniture constitutes a varied range of furniture used for different purposes such as seating, resting, decoration, storage etc. It is so common that we see it in almost every public place like gardens, parks, lawns etc. Its price, color, quality etc varies according to the type of wood used in making it. Rosewood, teakwood or hardwood can be used in making it.

Wooden Furniture is the most preferred form of furniture as it blends in the surrounding and imparts it a natural, cozy and synchronized feel. Tables, chairs, swings, lawn bridges, rocking chairs etc all come under Outdoor Wooden Furniture. They are easily available and can be found almost anywhere, be it online stores or local stores.

Environmental elements like sunlight, dew, rain, wind etc can cause your Outdoor Wooden Furniture to decay. Thus, one needs to take a few extra measures to retain its original hue and luster. To start with, one should pay heed to the maintenance manual that comes along with the furniture. Special oil and varnishes that offer a protective coat can also be used. Its intricate artwork

Tips For Do It Yourself Remodeling

It’s not that you’re determined to sell your house, or even particularly want to move, but you’re tired of your old house. The out of date paneling on the wall, the popcorn ceilings and the drab paint all tend to make you feel like you’re living in the 1960s. To hire a professional to come in to tear out and remodel the house would cost a fortune and since the dramatic decrease in home values, possibly a real bad financial decision. Guess you’re stuck with living in a museum…or maybe not.

Do it yourself remodeling can be the perfect answer to all the problems per se’. You can completely transform your home for a surprisingly small investment if you choose the right upgrades and doing the work yourself will eliminate labor expense.

Let’s assume the idea of doing the work yourself sounds appealing and a challenge you’re more than up to tackle, where to begin? The very first matter to be addressed is to make an inventory of tools you have and those you’ll need to buy. This could be, depending on your current tool collection, an expensive part of the procedure which needs to be

Helpful Tips to Save Your Furniture

Before you decide to get new furniture. Make sure that it cannot be repaired before you spend to have it hauled off and purchase new.

Leather and Vinyl:

There are many little tricks that can be done to repair and restore leather or vinyl furniture. If there are tears or holes in the leather or vinyl there are kits that can be purchased to do repairs. These kits can be pricey so purchase exactly what is needed to get the job done. There are glues available that will hold the seams. Its a quick repair and may not hold over time. A grain mold compound can be used that will take the exact shape of the grain of your sofa so that it will match perfectly. These compounds also go with a catalyst to cure the compound.

These can only be used in low traffic or low flex areas of the sofa. There are touch up markers available in many shades to blend in with the rest of the sofa. These are used where your furniture had a lighter look and has ware. There are many cleaning products available that remove stains and resist water,

Carpet Repair Tips and Tricks

On Color Restoration

Obsessive carpet cleaning is one of the reasons why carpets lose their color. Whether they enjoy it or not, there are really some neat freaks who can’t help but clean their carpets as often as they can get the chance to, especially when the carpet is new. What these people don’t know is that cleaning can cause a lot of damage to a carpet especially with its color.

Another reason why the carpet’s color can fade is because of accidents involving bleach spills. These loss of carpet colors can be counteracted if you use a bleach stain carpet repair liquid.

A carpet repair liquid comes with easy-to-follow instructions and once applied properly on the carpet, it won’t be long until your carpet is restored to its original color. Some of these carpet repair liquid can even address color loss that is caused by over-exposure to the sun.

Dealing With Dents

There are some people who are fond of placing and arranging their furniture on their carpet. Because of its weight, these furniture (such as a couch, coffee table, grandfather’s clock) can cause dents on the carpets. Fortunately, these dents can

Uses For an Aluminum Table

There are many possible uses for an aluminum table and these can be bought cheap. If you are looking for extra table space then this might be just the thing for you. One of the best things is that they won’t rust easily and may withstand the elements in an outdoor environment. Here are some tips for buying and using your new table.

These tables are great for cooking outside. If you are like most people then you are always looking for a place to put your cooking utensils or food. These are light weight enough to move around for use in every place you may need. Yet they are sturdy enough to hold up even under a lot of weight and not worry about them folding or falling over.

Out door projects are another reason to have a table handy and movable when you need it the most. Wood working or any other project can usually be done on a table of this type. They are also great for putting tools on during repair jobs or to store items in a shed or shop.

They are also great for kid’s art projects. These can

Furniture Repair Tips That Can Save You From Losses

Furniture repair can save you from incurring expenses of replacing your furniture. Early repair is even better since it saves you from costly repairs when the damage is far gone. Proper care and maintenance is important for any item, whether outdoor or indoor furniture. Unfortunately, sometimes damage still happens and you will need repair services to keep your furniture in good shape. Here are repair tips that can help you keep complete losses to the minimal.

  • Don’t wait till there is complete damage on the item to have it repaired. It is important to deal with the issues as soon as you start noticing a change in the item. Sometimes a simple nail work is all that is required to save your furniture joints from bigger issues.
  • Check out the problematic area and evaluate how possible it is for you to correct the issue by yourself. DIY projects can save you from extra expenses if you are sure you can handle the problem properly without causing more damage to the item in question.
  • If the damage looks too serious for you to handle, always let the professionals handle it on your behalf. They are better

How to Repair Coffee Tables That Have Water Damage

How important is your coffee table to you? Do you cherish it? Feel proud of it? Have almost a parental attitude in the way you protect it? Well if you’re not Italian and still feel that way, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many view their coffee tables as the centerpieces in their homes. Everything else around it just adds to its elegance. But if you have absolutely no remorse for damage done to precious wood ornaments, then please read on…

Why Should I use coasters?

Well you don’t really have to, if you don’t like your coffee tables. But when visiting a friend or family, it is a modern day custom to use coasters. Simply put, they protect tables from water damage. Those water rings that your coffee cup leaves will eventually sink under the wood. That will slowly deteriorate a precious table from the inside. This tip is even more important if your friends have grown attached to their coffee tables. But if the damage is done, you might need an answer to the next question…

How to repair tables that have water damage?

Worst comes to worst, you would have to strip

Quick Repair Tips For Wood Furniture

Everybody knows that the best parties end up with a ring on the coffee table or a cigarette burn on the dining room table, but you can shrug off these little party mishaps with a smile when you know the secrets to quick household fixes. The following tips will help you easily repair small accidents to your wood furniture, just by using a little creativity, quick thinking and elbow grease.

If a white ring appears on a wood table, it is an indication that moisture has become trapped underneath the finish and needs to be drawn out. To do so, quickly pile table salt on the offending ring or hazy area, then cover it with a soft towel and warm the area with hot blow dryer or an iron set on warm (but not hot). Check under the towel periodically to see when the ring has disappeared.

Scratched wood furniture can be easily repaired by using a cotton swab to apply shoe polish to the scratch, then buffing the area with a soft cloth. Do not be afraid to mix various shades of shoe polish to get the right color match for your furniture. In a

Keeping Your Glass Dining Table Looking Its Best

There are few things in the house that look better than a glass dining table. These tables are one of the best ways to give your home a sense of modern sophistication. Although they do look good, you can run into some problems if you aren’t very careful. Some people find that they accidentally damage their table soon after getting it, and have to live with scratches on the surface. Here are some tips to keep your table looking great for many years.

First of all, the most important thing to know is that you need to protect your table. Protection is a lot easier than fixing, so it is wise to learn a few things to save yourself a lot of headaches. One thing that you should do is always use place mats. They make a lot of sense because they provide a needed layer of protection between the glass surface and objects that can scratch it. In addition to place mats, you should always use a protective cloth between any pots and pans and the glass. This will protect it from heavy metal pans sliding around.

The next thing that you should do to

Fix Your Pool Table in Five Easy Steps

Repairing your damaged pool table is not very difficult. Oftentimes, a pool table’s felt is easily ripped. If this happens, you don’t have to decide to buy a new one immediately. This is a common problem in pool tables which can be fixed by yourself. If the felt looks like it’s getting worn out, even if it’s not torn, you can also opt to repair it to make the table look like new again. Here are five easy steps in repairing a pool table:

1) The first step is cutting out the damaged piece by using a razor blade and cautiously cutting out the broken part of felt. You don’t have to do it very accurately. The best cut to make is a square cut. Then, pull up the part you’ve cut out.

2) Next, sand the region under the felt and around the cut’s edges. Use a 200 grit sand paper gently to smooth and polish the area where you can find the tear in the felt. Using your razor blade, cut the new piece of felt to suit. Do a little trimming but be very careful and don’t rush in trimming it. Take time

Brilliant Home Repair Tips

With the present slump in the housing market and foreign holidays becoming more expensive many people are investing money in their own homes. Whether it’s for home repairs or larger scale home improvements people will benefit from enjoying a more polished home whilst also increasing its value.

There has also been an increase in people making use of their gardens to grow vegetables or to use their roofs to install solar panels which again means that your home not only has added value, but over time is actually creating value! Home improvements can offset the cost of any home repairs which, unfortunately, need to be carried out on a regular basis.

So if you feel you’re up to the challenge, have recently acquired a great DIY book and have a back-up handyman as a friend (purely for back up!) then read below to see what steps you should take:

Snag List – With all Home Repairs it pays to plan ahead so the first thing you need to do is to make a full “snag list” for the entire home and garden. Maybe it’s touching up the paintwork in the hall, replacing an old skirting

Guide to Do It Yourself Home Repairs

Home DIY general information

Cut costs and enjoy personal enrichment when you embark on your own home DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. While many jobs around the home may be so complex or dangerous as to require professional assistance, just as many are completely viable options to complete on your own. In addition to help saving money, home DIY projects can also help develop a sense of satisfaction in reaching the goal, as well as a sense of pride in your home.

DIY home repair

In some instances, natural disasters and accidents can cause damage to your home. In those instances, you may be able to complete home repair projects using DIY methods. Although in the instance of a disaster the first response may to contact professionals, be sure to take the time to assess the damage yourself. You may be surprised at the DIY home repair you are able to do.

There are a multitude of resources out there for homeowners to use. Visit a local home improvement store for books and hands-on training for home repair projects. Online resources are also available in the form of text-based guides, e-Books, and other formats.


DIY Window Replacement Project Tips

Windows provide us with a view of the outside world while bringing the beauty of sunshine into our home. Windows, however, are much more than just a view. In fact, they help to shield us from the harsh weather that mother nature often sees fit to serve up, including rain, sleet, snow, hail and harsh temperatures during winter and summer. Because they work so very hard for us, we have to take the time to recognize the signs of a needed DIY window replacement. If we protect our windows they, in turn, will continue to protect us.

When the inevitable time comes that your windows need replacing, the first thing to do is to decide whether to purchase a wood or vinyl DIY window replacement. Typically, window replacements can be matched to fit the current look of your home and, best of all, many current products are expected to last for up to 20 years and often are accompanied by a warranty.

When it comes to DIY window replacement installation, it is pertinent that special attention be paid to any small cracks around the window that may be present. If they are there, energy costs may